Mauro’s Illustrations

rufous and ruby hummingbirds fighting

From Flying Jewels

by Marta Magellan

Mauro’s illustration of flowers and hummingbirds

From Anole Invasion

by Marta Magellan

Mauro’s chameleon

From Bee Catastrophe:
You’ll Miss Them When They’re Gone

by Marta Magellan

Mauro’s Beekeeper

From Dragonflies:
Water Angels and Brilliant Bioindicators

By Marta Magellan

Cartoon dragonfly serving fast food by Mauro

Flamingos flying

From The Nutty Little Vulture

by Marta Magellan

Flamingos flying by Mauro Magellan

Flamingos flying
Louie & That Dog, by Mauro Magellan