Marta Magellan: Writer

Marta Magellan

My background

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but I came to live in the U.S. when I was seven years old. I taught English and Creative Writing during by entire working life, most of that at Miami Dade College. I now write children's books, travel and go birdwatching. I have two  children I adore and a husband who takes photographs for me. 

My Writing

I have written children's picture books for both the educational market  and trade publishers as well as articles and essays in various magazines  and websites. Some of my children's books are The Nutty Little Vulture, Those Lively Lizards, Those Colossal Cats, and Those Voracious Vultures. I have adapted folk tales for the educational market: The Donkey and the Farmer, The Singing Wolf, and Monkey and Rabbit.

What I like to write about

I love watching birds and wildlife. I travel to any wilderness I can as often as possible. I have had close encounters with jaguars and macaws in the wilds of Brazil, bison in the American west, alligators in the Everglades, and blue-footed boobies in the Galapagos. I write about anything that grabs my interest: history, anthropology, nutrition, health, ocean life,  and  World Cup soccer (OK, that last one only catches my interest once every four years), but especially, nature.

The Nutty Little Vulture


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It's time for Little Vulture to start finding his own meals. But when he ventures out on his own, he discovers that none of the food the other vultures are sharing with him is tasty. On his journey, he discovers that some vultures are vegetarians -- which seems just a little bit nutty to him, too!

Sammy Joseph Schnall Scholarship Fund

In memory of my beloved grandson, who died two weeks after his first birthday, there is scholarship fund established in his name. If is for students working toward a BS in Early Childhood Education. Please click the Donate button if you'd like to contribute to the fund or call the Miami Dade Foundation care of Ana Martinez 786-395-0033. 

If you are a Miami Dade College student, who is majoring in Early Childhood Education, and interested in the scholarship, contact Dr. Susan Neimand in the School of Education:  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Contact Me

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I am available for educational writing projects as well as picture book writing.

Marta Magellan: Writer and Nature Lover

7702 SW 124th Terr., Miami, FL 33156, US