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My background


I am a children's book writer with a focus on nature. I taught English and Creative Writing during my entire working life, most of that at Miami Dade College. I now write children's books, travel and go birdwatching. I have two  children I adore, a precious grandson, and a husband who takes photographs of all the animals we see. 

My Writing


I have been writing and publishing  for many years. Now I focus on children's nonfiction picture books for both the educational market  and trade publishers as well as articles and essays in various magazines  and websites. Some of my children's books are The Nutty Little Vulture, Anole Invasion, Those Lively Lizards, Those Colossal Cats, and Those Voracious Vultures. I have adapted folk tales for the educational market: The Donkey and the Farmer, The Singing Wolf, and Monkey and Rabbit. 

What I write about


I love watching birds and wildlife. I travel to any wilderness I can as often as possible. I have had close encounters with jaguars and macaws in the wilds of Brazil, bison in the American west, alligators in the Everglades, and blue-footed boobies in the Galapagos. I write about anything that grabs my interest: history, anthropology, nutrition, health, ocean life,  and  World Cup soccer (OK, that last one only catches my interest once every four years). I am however, especially in love with nature subjects.

Presentations & Upcoming Events



Presentations: I present at schools, book fairs, and libraries about any of my nonfiction books for children 6-12 


Lastest Event


Presented talk on ANOLE INVASION, January 15, 2019 at the Pinecrest Branch Miami Dade Public Library 

"Marta, your presentation was thoroughly enjoyable, interactive, and  educational. I learned a lot about library visits and anoles! The  children were listening, enthusiastic, and engaged the whole time. I  love your book, ANOLE INVASION and will be sharing it with some nature  lovers I know!"

                                    -- Lori Dubbin



Children's author, Marta Magellan, fascinated Pinecrest Library patrons while discussing her latest book, Anole Invasion. She informed the group about local invasive lizards and how to help the disappearing Anole creatures. Ms. Magellan had her huge crowd intrigued and eager to participate, her very informative presentation was a grand success! 

--Jennifer Hernandez, Reference Librarian, Pinecrest branch Miami-Dade Public Library, 2019.

You were such a dynamic part of our Nature Detective Series in Ponte  Vedra ... You have such knowledge of the subject and  have such a flair for is quite a memory." -Cathy Snyder Nature Detective Series Director, 2016

What an amazing author visit, Marta! Thank you so much for traveling up to us. The families were thrilled! Thank  you again for all you did for us – we’re so glad so many came and had a  great time! I hope we can work with you again in the future.  -- Anne Crawford, Youth Services Coordinator for St. Johns County Public Library System, August 15, 2013

Writing Projects


I write both fiction and nonfiction for children 5-12 years old. I also write for the educational market. Contact me at:




Reviews of The Nutty Little Vulture

Family Magazine Review: Animals are Amazing:  Little Vulture’s mom offers to teach him how to get his own food. But he’s already off, finding it for himself. Still learning to fly, he plops on Bald Vulture’s dinner of rotten meat, and after trying it, decides it’s not for him. He doesn’t like the bones that are Bearded Vulture’s dinner either. When he accidentally opens the rotten egg by landing on it, Egyptian vulture thanks him. But after tasting, Little Vulture is again not interested. Each time the vultures remind him that if they didn’t eat what Little Vulture thinks is yukky – “who would?” Their eating habits help “to keep things neat.” The importance of what vultures contribute by eating carrion is  emphasized by the repetitive comments in large easy to read text,  following each of Little Vulture’s food inspections. Expressive  illustrations draw readers into the story. The sister/brother author/illustrator team have combined their talents to share this  engaging, environmentally thoughtful picture book. Back matter includes  facts about vultures, a glossary, and references. -- Maribeth Shank, Family Magazine


Marta Magellan’s charming, intelligently written book THE NUTTY LITTLE  VULTURE, beautifully illustrated by Mauro Magellan, takes on the  symbiotic cycle of life that keeps the earth working by offering kids a  detailed understanding how Mother Nature feeds, cleans and replenishes  itself by practicing NO WASTE.
  The little palm-nut vulture learns quickly how bald headed vultures eat  newly killed carrion, how bearded vultures eat carcass’ bones, how  Egyptian vultures eat their eggs that never hatched. She discovers that  she is a palm-nut vulture -- the only vulture that eats nuts and fruits  and small fish. She learns that palm-nut vultures hang upside down  eating palm nuts that they hold with their feet!
   Who knew there was such variety and specificity to the vulture species?!  And the bottom line is,  all these vultures together work hard to keep  our planet clean—just as all other species do their jobs too. Everyone  gets fed and everyone has their specific purpose.
  That’s what we all need to do. Great message! If the family of vultures  can do their work for Zero Waste, so can our family of humans.
  It’s a short book with a brilliant educational and social message,   perfectly illustrated to attract and keep total attention and  fascination on message.
 I love this book for adults and kids of all ages.

Micaela Amateau Amato
Illustrator ZAZU DREAMS Between the Scarab and the Dung Beetle, A  Cautionary Fable for the Anthropocene Era, by Cara Judea ALhadeff

Writing Projects

I enjoy writing picture books for all ages, early readers, and especially nonfiction.


Anole Invasion


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Anole lizards from other lands are taking the territories that once belonged to the native Carolina (or green) anole. Is it possible to stop the invasion? This is nonfiction about the important topic of invasive lizards for children 6-12. 


The Nutty Little Vulture


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It's time for Little Vulture to start finding his own meals. But when he ventures out on his own, he discovers that none of the food the other vultures are sharing with him is tasty. On his journey, he discovers that some vultures are vegetarians -- which seems just a little bit nutty to him, too!


Those Lively Lizards


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Twenty questions about lizards answered with pictures and cartoons. Activities include a lizard crossword puzzle and a lizard puppet that sticks out his dewlap. What's a dewlap? You'll find out!

Sammy Joseph Schnall Scholarship Fund

In memory of my beloved grandson, who died two weeks after his first birthday, a scholarship fund has been established in his name for students working toward a BS in Early Childhood Education. Please click the Donate button if you'd like to contribute to the fund or call the Miami Dade Foundation care of Ana Martinez 786-395-0033. 

If you are a Miami Dade College student, who is majoring in Early Childhood Education, and interested in the scholarship, contact Dr. Susan Neimand in the School of Education:  

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